Sunday, February 24, 2013

India, from everybody's eyes


  1. In order to retain two languages state formula,Hindi can be learned if script.
    needed in regional language script via scrip converter or in a roman Most foreigners learn Sanskrit in Roman script.

    Why bother to learn a new script?

  2. We may not be good at hindi. But we more than compensate for that with our command in English.

    Which brings me to the point at hand- I don't understand what you say...

    Looking at it through another angle, I have 8 years of formal education in hindi, and I've survived two different north Indian states and 2 different North Indian winters. The average North Indian's English is worse than the average Tamilian's Hindi. And Tamil doesn't have enough alphabets to cope with Hindi's phonetics. So, we're better off with English.

    No of vowels in Tamil: 12
    No of consonants in Tamil: 18
    Total: 30

    No of vowels in Hindi: 13
    No of consonants in Hindi: 36
    Total: 49

    No of vowels in English: 5
    No of consonants in English: 17
    Total: 26

    So, English is closer to Tamil than to Hindi.

    On a more serious note, the number of takers for hindi in TN is on the rise now, and people moving between states is so common. May be this divide will vanish in a decade or two. The ultimate problem is we don't want a two language state. Hindi is more of a forced language than a loved language.