Sunday, June 3, 2012

Welcome home, again

This is gonna be my first post of my second innings in the blog world. And just like a sequel to a blockbuster movie [I hope], a number of friends of mine [and many others], who had expressed their interest in seeing me take up writing again, were eager to read this. Hence I utilise this chance to take things off my mind and on to the keyboard.

There are a number of things that I learnt in my year-long vacation from words. Before I disclose that, I'll take you through what it took me to quit [as I called it]. As you might have known, I got a job in Ashok Leyland, an Indian auto-major. And I was put through a training of a peculiar nature. You don't want the details, but you should know that it sucked up most of my time, energy and a good proportion of my health. As a result, you may find my writing style hereon, a little different. And hopefully, for the better. Along with humor-induced texts, I also plan to do the following...
  • I've always wanted to speak to a crowd - So, I'm gonna start a series of posts picturing my opinion on a variety of subjects
  • I've always wanted to teach - So, you can expect a few articles intended for the nerd inside
  • I've always had an eye for art- So, I will post a number of pictures
  • I've always been attracted to fantasies - So, you will see them in the line of stories that I plan to spin
This is quite the summary of my new game plan. Since I decide to take writing more seriously, here are a few more things that I will do.
  • I will not promote my posts through SMS [you can use RSS or Networked blogs to stay connected]
  • I will publish posts at regular intervals [this is gonna be my exercise]
  • I will maintain the simplicity and structure of my blog [this, my promise]
Like I said, the new version of my blog will be quite different. And I'd want you to provide me feedback to make the transition more comfortable.

I welcome you to my blog, the second time.

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  1. Different... Entry... But you should have broken your rule of promoting at-least for this blog...which would have taken me here a little earlier..