Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Butterfly's Effect

Hello friends. This post, I intend to finish very short, because
•    My previous post, as my friends said, didn’t end until their PCs crashed.
•    This post wasn’t primarily intended to be one.

The content of this post is the excretion of my mind, after watching the movie, THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT. The movie is based on Chaos Theory which states that “A catastrophic event such as you failing in your semester exams may be related to a subtle event as your dog taking a piss”. If you can’t see how, look at where you’re dog is peeing [Yes… On your DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING textbook!!].

Ok. Fun’s over. The movie was great, and greater than that was its storyline. After watching it I wrote on my journal what I felt life is. It may not be related to what the movie came to say. But it’s a little more sensitive than my other posts. I write this post as a reply to my close friend, whose girlfriend once asked him what life is [and to which he himself replied- LIFE IS, MAKING OTHERS HAPPY].

Life… is a string of events in which, to each and every person, he/she plays the pivotal role; the outcome of the events dependent on one’s approach towards them and the effects of the events dependent on his/her attitude. So it’s not totally different or independent, one’s thoughts and one’s actions are. It is who we are [to ourselves] AND what we do [to others] that matters. Because almost always, not only do you need to make others happy, you need to make yourself happy too. And it’s completely sensible that you can be the most able and appropriate person to make yourself happy, for if you are not happy, you can never really make others feel that way. It could be possible that you get more than one chance at many things in life; that would definitely help us turn around, and turn things around, make up for stuff that we did. But when it comes to life itself, you’ve only got one chance at it. No rewind, no turning back and definitely no next time. You’ve got only one shot- a clear, definitive one. And this makes the whole event, or for that case, the whole life worth it. So, the definition of life, in itself, cannot be crisp as the so-called ‘string’, now becomes a complicated ‘web’. The thing about life is that the more complex, insane, brutal and senseless it seems, the more simple, brilliant, humane and full of sense it becomes. It all depends on how you see things. Nobody is blocking your view; nobody is preventing you from doing something. The only thing that could put a limit to you is yourself. That doesn’t mean that there can be no limits. It’s actually the most amazing thing hidden in the sentence as well as in life. You are the only person capable of defining yourself, setting your limits and therefore the only person who knows exactly where you need to place your barricades. Life, thus, becomes a continuous learning process, where one learns lessons from both nature and time, which means however similar the situations may be, what you’ve learnt is never equal to what the one sitting next to you has learnt. If you think life is unfair, you’ve just missed a day’s lesson, that’s all. But remember, each and every lesson is important to learn the next. And every lesson tells you somewhere that there is another one waiting. Nothing ever goes waste or wrong. And if you really do get this, then you can understand that it’s these lessons that lead us all to our one common goal- perfection.

If you think the post is going nowhere, that’s because there was a cockroach in the food I just ate now. And if you think it is useful, that’s because you have a large vacancy in your cerebrum. I didn’t say that… Chaos theory did!


  1. this guy.. s absolutely amazing !!
    CLEAR picture about life !! lik.. a definition in a text book !!
    few mins bak.. wen i started readin dis, was on gtalk.. talkin to achyu..
    after readin evry line, i copied t, and pasted t in d chat window.. and.. was appreciatin him.. for his words dat made d line up..
    and i kept doin t .. till i finished readin d article !!
    awesom mate !! gethu po !! :D :D

    unga fan ,
    Bhargavi =)

  2. Awesome advice especially to come in Final yr... nice one.. Surely i'll follow or try to follow

  3. wow!! we must have been born twins:) even i have a strong inclination towards chaos theory. Haven't watched 'butterfly effect' yet. Will post part2 of my last post by next week. Dont miss it:)

  4. To be your twin would have been an honour man... But i really think i can't cope with your expertise in words... Thanks dude...