Thursday, June 10, 2010

சிங்கம் - அனுஷ்கா = அசிங்கம்

Your honour! I don't want to defy facts, even though I'm totally confident that I'm amply capable of doing it. All I want to present to you and the members of the jury is a plain, fair and simple case- The case of the menacing movie- the one that goes by the name சிங்கம்...

If you are alive for the past couple of weeks, you can see that this is the time when all movie names include SINGAM [SINGAM, IRUMBUKKOTTAI MURATTU SINGAM, PENN SINGAM...]. And if you are not aware, this is my first movie review. And I must say it's not the best [my review is never good. I meant the movie here]. Since I do NOT want to pose another unbiased(!) review, I would like to declare in the very beginning that I'm writing text about this movie for one reason and one reason only- Anushka. You can very well ask me what the F**K i was doing, going to a Hari movie. Well, my cousins invited me and since I didn't have to pay a penny, I decided to risk my life. And my dear, dear friends, please don't do the same mistake as I did [There are a lot of other mistakes to do, ok?].

As a precautionary measure, I texted all my friends to keep me busy during the 3 hour tenure, thereby making sure I'm alive and if I didn't text them back, they were supposed to call my parents [after calling the ambulance, of course]. Also I kept myself engaged in taking notes on the proceedings on the movie, so that once I recover from the trauma of that movie, I can put it all in words.

Cast- Surya, Anushka, Vivek, Prakashraj
Music- Devi Sri Prasad
Direction- Hari
Genre- Hari
Bottomline- Hari
Frontline- A fortnightly featuring news and views on politics, national and state affairs. Also, a family of underwear of the Rupa franchise.
  1. As is the foundation of all Hari movies, there is a title-fight [similar to title song in Vijay movies]. And in that, one can very well see the streaks of light stolen from the PlayStation Game X-Men Origins:Wolverine. ஹரி சார், ஆட்டைய போடுறது போடறீங்க, எதாவது மொக்க Game-லிருந்து போடுங்க. The game was a huge success all over the world.
  2. One important thing I noticed in the movie-theater-fight-scene in the movie, is that opposite to the theater is a TASMAC wine-shop whose name-board is larger than that of MAYAJAAL. இது தேவைதானா?
  3. The music by Devi Sri Prasad [DSP] is hazardous. A person in a row front to mine puked right on the face of his neighbour, as soon as he heard Everybody listen...
  4. The song என் இதயம் இதுவரை துடித்ததில்லை has probably got nothing in it. But who cares? To a true fan of Anushka, like myself, it shouldn't be a big problem. But, even in that, Hari has crossed his lines. இயக்குனர் கைவைக்கக்கூடாத இடத்துல கலர் வெச்சு பாக்கறவங்க வயித்தெரிச்சல கொட்டிக்கறார்...
  5. ஹீரோ ஹீரோயின சைட் அடிக்கறது, ஹீரோயின் ஹீரோவ  சைட் அடிக்கறது எல்லாம் போக, ஹீரோயின audience பயங்கரமா சைட் அடிக்கலாம். I just expected a little more from the how-do-you-remove-your-nighty scene. Hard luck...
  6. The definition of love... This is probably the 156871365435th definition of love in tamil cinema.
  7. English lyrics in a Hari movie... Difference காட்டறாராமாம்!
  8. Vivek's comedy is interesting at first, but gets mokkai all the way through.
  9. அடுத்து, timing maintain பண்றதுல ஹரி கெட்டிக்காரர். flight timing எல்லாம் பக்காவா சொல்லுவார். Economy class passengers, alert!
  10. Like Gautam Menon's affinity to I LOVE YOU, Hari is stuck to the FACE-FACE dialogs. The hero and villain hold their faces so close that they can be deemed to be encouraging homosexuality.
  11. பஞ்ச் டயலாக் பேசுங்க... ஆனா 15 நிமிஷத்துக்கு மிகாம பேசுங்க. டயலாக் ஆரம்பிக்கும்போது முழிச்சுகிட்டிருக்கறவன் கூட டயலாக் முடியும்போது தூங்கிடறான்...
  12. ஸ்பெஷல் எபக்ட்ஸ்னு சொல்லிட்டு சூர்யா சண்டை போடும்போதெல்லாம் ஒரு சிங்கத்த காட்றாங்க [சூர்யாவ கேவலப்படுத்தறாங்களா, இல்ல சிங்கத்த கேவலப்படுத்தறாங்களான்னுதான் தெரியல].
  13. There is always this village in some southern district. The movie revolves, rotates, oscillates, vibrates and decays in that village.
  14. The love proposal scene is the lamest I've seen. Guys, do NOT try this in your life. உங்க காதலி உங்கள மனுஷனாக்கூட ஏத்துக்க மாட்டாங்க...
  15. The villagers' disputes are solved by Surya and finally they end up in cuddly bear-hugs. I asked myself what Surya would do, if a man and a woman argued with each other in a similar way... And Vivek answered immediately.
  16. எப்போ பாத்தாலும், ஹீரோ சோர்ந்துபோகும்போது ஹீரோயின் வந்து டயலாக் பேசி தெம்பேத்தி விடறார். If the heroine actually understands the feelings of the hero, she'd give him a little more than 15 stupid sentences.
  17. Twist வைக்கறேன் பேர்வழின்னு இயக்குனர் தன்னாலயே அவுக்க முடியாத மாதிரி twist வைக்கறார்.
  18. வாரணம் ஆயிரம், அயன், ஆதவன் படப்பாட்டேல்லாம் பாத்தீங்கன்னா இந்த படத்து பாட்டெல்லாம் பாக்க வேண்டாம். பைசா வீணாகும்.
  19. Lastly, there is a song which is a characteristic of Sun Pictures- Blue interiors, blue costumes and a lot of other things blue...
ஆனா இதெல்லாம் வெச்சு படம் மோசமா இருக்குன்னு முடிவு பண்ணிட வேண்டாம். படம் பாத்துட்டு வந்து மோசமா இருக்குன்னு முடிவு பண்ணா போதும். My old man used to say, "If everyone runs away from life looking at the bad things, then who will enjoy life for all the good things it offers?". ஹரிக்கு பயந்து படம் பாக்காம போனா அனுஷ்காவ யார் ரசிக்கறது?

Lastly, after watching the movie
  • My eldest cousin forgot who the hell he was. It took 5 minutes for me and my other cousin to bring him back to earth.
  • My other cousin had a chest pain. He was admitted to the Trauma care unit of a hospital nearby. I didn't even visit him because
  • I was brooking with a headache... I went home, took 3 pills of Saridon and went to bed [at about 10.30 pm that night and woke up at 2.30 pm the next day]...


  1. Critics are not Born, They are made. I have seen one such genius being molded here by the commercial film makers of Tamil cinema. One of the best reviews I have read about this film. This exactly looks like a Review of my Alter-ego.

  2. Good review da. Well films are getting more and more commercial nowadays. Directors are desperate to make their films more commercial to make it a success as a consequence they end up with such terrible flaws. Let see.

  3. Dey, Science...
    Why do you always comment as though you're in a GD???

  4. The critics were funny. I liked reading this blog.I would like 2 appreciate ur skills in noting even the minute things.My sweet advice is tat pl do become a journalist instead of being a circuitist.I am very pleased tat u accepted the truth tat u watched the movie 4 anuska.I think i have a better criticist of movies as my friend.Continue writing......

  5. I've gone to the movie just for 30 rs and I've watched enough in single song(Hope you got my point)..
    WATCH what you want
    SLEEP during other time as i did
    RETURN happily..

  6. From now on, that's gonna be my strategy.

  7. I, of course, a newcomer to this blog, but the author does not agree