Monday, April 12, 2010

Ella pugazhum...

Of all the words a writer receives [most of them being gross comments and letters of threat claiming to exterminate the writer unless he stops writing] from his beloved [irony intended] readers, nothing even comes close to the ones that describe the ordinary writer as an extra-ordinary one and his works as comparable to those of more extra-ordinary personalities [these words come from no mortal tongue under normal circumstances. One can expect such words from a person only when he is held at gun-point or when his pocket is filled with a 1000 rupee bundle, both actions done by the writer]. It is such great presence of mind [and money] that brings the extra-ordinariness to ordinariness. I can say with the confidence of Mahatma that most great personalities are born this way. Where is this post going to? You'll see...

In order that a person starts off with something new, one must feed him with what is called confidence [apart from common-sense. It should be noted here that both the parameters sound together]. My bottles in these areas being empty, I tried many things, not to increase my confidence or common-sense, but to take my mind off the two. So, when I started to think that I should start to write, two things came to my mind. One- my pen; Two- not the paper, but Mr. K Balakumar. I have been a holier-than-thou fan of his since 2006 and it is his words that served as a Viagra, sorry stimulant to me. My first words have always had Balakumar sir's as their role-model. Hence it would be OK to mention here what I thought would create a launchpad for my works...

My first letter to Mr. K Balakumar

Adding Power to Power-cuts

This is with reference to K. Balakumar's Crank's Corner (Nanganallur Talk 1-7 June) which apparently did not appear in the aforesaid issue.
It is summer and though the notorious 'Agninakshatra' has literally gone with the wind, it is still uneasy to spend the day-time absolutely anywhere in the city. To add to the misery of the common man, come things called 'Power-cuts'. It is actually the Crank's Corner column of yours that diverts the wrath of the people away from the scorching sun, towards the still more excoriating English. It is also the favourite time-pass of the young, to ask endless questions on the words, their meanings, the structures and sentences used in your column Crank's Corner (which actually appears in the middle of the volume rather than in some corner), and the time-pass of the old to bang their heads onto some strong concrete wall, trying to find out the answers. This is not the first time your column goes missing. And here we are in Nangai, without speech (with the price-rise and all), without words (the most peculiar of which you judiciously spatter in your column), without power (which the taxpayer never seems to get in his lifetime), but with a whole lot of power-cuts.
Finally, as an ardent fan of yours, I realise the presence of the absence, or to be more clear, the absence of the presence of your column in Nanganallur Talk as adding fuel to the fire. Or should I say adding power to power-cuts.

Date: 16/6/2008

எல்லாப் புகழும் இறைவனுக்கே... அதில் கொஞ்சம் புகழ் இவருக்கும்...

A recent request of mine [READ MY BLOG!] was satisfied by him [OK OK YOU DON'T HAVE TO YELL AT ME...] and as his appraisal, he gave me the following words.

Reply: Waste more time please


Sorry for the delay in replying to you.

Indeed you have a flair for language and way of getting things across. I went through your blog and read some of the posts there.

I don't know how much I can advice you on the art and craft of writing, especially since I myself consider myself just a work in progress (this is not said in any false humility).

Anyway, you've a natural sense of fun. But sometimes, the humour comes across as forced in your writing. And while you work on that, see to that writing is less self-conscious and more organic. These things happen only by practice. Don't try to be humorous for the sake of humour, if you get my drift.

But truth to tell you have the flair, and don't lose it. Keep working at it.

Here's looking forward to more laughs from you.


K Balakumar